St. Luke's Youth: Living the Word!

Our first ever newsletter is up and running on Issuu!! Please check it out!

St. Luke's Youth: Living the Word: July 2013 Issue

Answers to July 19th Puzzle!

Sorry so late...I know you've been itching to see if you got the answers! Here they are:

(John 9:24) KJV

Our Youth in Community Theatre!! July 2013

Check out our very own Dominique S. this weekend in the Alliance Children's Theatre performance of "The Different Duckling" on the Branford Town of charge!! 

Last Week's Word Search Answer!

Did you all find the words from last week's word search and figure out that the phrase was: "In the shadow of the almighty"?

If so, well done! 

Now, try unscrambling these bible words in this double puzzle and creating the phrase at the end! Answer to come next week!

Free Bible Double puzzle


For those of you who missed the annual church picnic today, you missed a grand old time with water balloons, and fun! Check out these great pictures of some of our youth (and parents) hanging out and having a balloon-filled blast with Father Meadows!

Hey guys! I have water balloons!
Whoa, whoa whoa!!! 
One at a time, now!!
Let's see how we can do this....

Ahhh....finally some order!
Well, that was what?

Searching for a target...

Run away!!
The picnic really made it feel like summer time for the youth of St. Luke's!! 

Bible Word Search!

Free Bible Wordsearch

Good luck!! Get the answer next week!

St. Luke's Steel Band Summer Camp Showcase

Hey guys!!

The St. Luke's Steel Band Summer Camp has been working real hard on these hot summer days! Get ready to hear the amazing results!! Come out to their official Steel Band Summer Camp Showcase on July 19th!

The Edna Baker Carnegie Scholarship 2013

The Edna Baker Carnegie Scholarship top award is awarded every year to a young individual who exemplifies academic excellence, character, leadership and service.  This year, our top winner of the EBC Scholarship was Ms. Chelsea S.!


Our EBC Scholarship Book Awards were also handed out to St. Luke's Youth and Alumni. Erin L., Shalia H., Marcus R. and Rashida R. each took home an EBC Scholarship Book Award for their outstanding academic success, character, and service. Congratulations, guys!!

Young Publisher Award 2013

I'm so very honored to congratulate the first ever winner of the St. Luke's Episcopal Church Young Publisher Award 2013!!

Marcus B. (pictured on the left) took home the Young Publisher Award Finalist certificate on June 30, 2013 for his creative and original potential name for our new youth newsletter: "The Youth Daily". Congrats, Marcus!

This year's big winner, Nayo D. (pictured on the right), however, put forth just the right amount of creative and original effort the youth wanted with her newsletter name, "St. Luke's Youth: Living the Word"! Her entry was voted on the most by her peers in all of the Sunday School classes and not only does her name become the official title of the new youth newsletter, but she gets a feature on the front page and she took home a few neat prizes as well! Congratulations Nayo!

YOU (yes, you!) can be next! What creative writing can you put on the table to win the next Young Publisher Award? Stay tuned, COME TO CHURCH, and listen out for exciting opportunities from the youth coordinators...YOU could be featured next!

Welcome !!

Welcome all to the St. Luke's Youth Blog!!

Here, you'll find the most up-to-date news about events, new and old pertaining to the youth of St. Luke's Episcopal Church in New Haven! See our upcoming events, learn about all the great things our kids are doing in and out of church, get the latest copy of the new youth newsletter, St. Luke's Youth: Living the Word and stay connected with our church, steel band, and our new priest, The Rev. Richard D. Meadows, Jr. (or Fr. Meadows!).

Enjoy the blog and welcome!!